What is data protection software?

What is data protection software?

Data protection management and administration with software

One Data protection software enables a data protection organization to perform its legal tasks in a standardized, time-saving and comprehensive manner.

One Data protection management software provides support in the preparation of the register of processing activities, in the case of data subject inquiries, the documentation of accountability and reporting obligations, in the auditing and monitoring of data processing, in the training of employees or the implementation of a data protection impact assessment.

As an integrated system, it is able to manage the entire process in a standardized way, from the application to the verification of the data subject to the completion of the request. Data protection officers can thus significantly reduce time and overheads.

The complexity of the tasks of a data protection organization grows with the size and degree of internationalization of the company as well as the criticality of processing. Without a powerful data protection tool, even the most competent data protection officer will quickly reach their limits.


List of processing activities, audits and data protection impact assessment


Data protection software offers a wide range of features to support a data protection organization. At the heart of data protection is the record of processing activities.

Its creation and maintenance can be delegated to data protection coordinators or contact persons in the specialist departments. Each employee can be assigned the documentation of "their" processing operations via freely configurable online masks.

Deadlines for measures and detailed reporting always provide the data protection officer with an up-to-date overview of the status of the processing overview/process directory in the data protection software.

The same applies to the data protection impact assessment and to Checks and audits of processing operationsprocessors or technical and organizational measures (TOM). Sample catalogs and reports are also available here for customization.

Such solutions are generally used by companies of all sizes and industries, from SMEs to DAX-listed companies. A differentiated rights and role model offers flexibility for the data protection organization, the legal department, marketing and other users to manage the growing data protection requirements worldwide with data protection management software: risk assessments, Examinationsdata protection impact assessment, reporting, training, data subject inquiries and much more.



Employee training

Failure to implement data protection is a risk for the company and its customers. Data protection training is the best way to avoid data breaches. Here too, data protection management software usually provides support with pre-installed web-based training courses that can be sent to employees by automated email.

In this case, you can adapt each workout to your individual wishes or design and create completely new ones.


Inquiries from affected parties


One of the biggest challenges facing the data protection officer is ensuring the rights of data subjects. Among these, the right of access under Art. 15 GDPR stands out by far.

According to a recent survey by Gartner, 36% of companies need three weeks or more to respond to a data subject request. This is close to the four-week period that the legislator usually allows them to respond. More than a quarter of the companies surveyed reported average costs of 1,000 to 2,000 euros per request.

As an integrated system, data protection software can be able to manage the entire process in a standardized way, from the application to the verification of the data subject to the completion of the request. Data protection officers can thus significantly reduce time and overhead costs.

Further features and hosting

Data protection software can also offer additional features to keep a company data protection compliant at all times.

A Privacy Benchmark shows you at a glance where the company stands in terms of data protection.

Generators for the privacy policy and the Cookie banner relieve the legal department and save money.


About 2B Advice PrIME


The single-user license of the data protection software 2B Advice PrIME is available as freeware. The data protection tool can be self-hosted or used as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product.

Further information: 2B Advice PrIME

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