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Developed by data protection experts for data protection experts: Our 2B Advice PrIME software offers you a user-friendly complete package.

2B Advice PrIME is a leading cloud-based data protection management software and enables you to manage data protection easily and efficiently. Easily create a register of processing activities, a data protection impact assessment, train your employees or carry out audits independently.

Most important features at a glance

Data protection software Processing activities Data protection software Technical and organizational measures Data protection software reports Data protection software benchmarks Data protection software Data protection management Data protection software training Data protection software compliance Data protection software audits Cookie Manager Data Privacy Statement Generator Workflows Consent Manager Data Subject Request Forms

List of processing activities

Record all data protection information in a clear and structured way in one place.

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and observe the development of your personal data protection environment. Link any processing operations directly to your company's policies and track compliance.


Technical and organizational measures (TOM)

Do you regularly find it difficult to document and monitor your technical and organizational measures?

2B Advice PrIME helps you to implement this simply and efficiently. With 2B Advice PrIME, you always have an overview of all aspects of your data protection organization.


Custom data protection reports & forms

Generate data protection reports and forms and customize them as you wish.

After documenting the organizational environment, 2B Advice PrIME collects the relevant information and elements, including your company logo and design, and creates a detailed, professional document for individual editing.


Compare measures with benchmark

Generate graphical overviews and manage measurable objectives

Use our database of data protection measures for a detailed insight into your program, as well as for comparison with common key figures.


Data protection management

Always have your entire data protection organization in view

Communicate directly with your data protection team via the communication center. Track the progress of reports and checks with the corresponding management features.


Data protection training

Set up a training and awareness program for your organization.

With 2B Advice PrIME, data protection officers can train your company's employees with pre-installed or custom training courses.


Data protection compliance

Successfully implement data protection regulations with the help of our software.

2B Advice PrIME supports you in the quick and easy implementation and fulfillment of all legal data protection regulations.


Data protection checks/audits (internal/external)

Carry out a comprehensive data protection or security check.

With 2B Advice PrIME, you can manage the development, implementation, assessment and evaluation of your privacy and security audits in one place.


Cookie Policy Generator

Automatically create and publish a cookie policy for your website.

As soon as the website is scanned using the cookies found, a cookie policy is created. This cookie policy is published on the website via a code that can be easily and quickly added to the website.


Data Privacy Statement Generator

Create compliant privacy policies quickly and easily

Follow the wizard's instructions to create privacy policies that are right for your organization. Route to review, then place the code on your website.



Use legal workflows for frequently occurring data protection events

Workflows can be used to improve the speed and accuracy of defining actions and tasks, assigning actions to others, approvals, rejections, scheduling and tracking.


Consent Management

Manage the legally required opt-in/opt-out functionality and associated attributes with 2B Advice PrIME Consent Manager.

Consent attributes of the consenting party are recorded with an audit trail. The REST API supports integration with relevant systems such as tag management.


Request for information

Ensures tracking and prompt response to every request.

For data processors and data controllers, there are requirements for recording, such as the expected response time, the option of requesting an extension or transmitting the response to the person via secure interfaces.


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2B Advice PrIME as SaaS


2B Advice PrIME does not require synchronization: all devices (laptop, smartphone, tablets) always have access to the latest information.

Each OS

2B Advice PrIME is accessible from any operating system, complies with the latest web standards 2019, and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer, and Safari.

No maintenance

Cloud computing reduces IT costs and simplifies data access. With 2B Advice PrIME, you always have a complete overview of your costs.

High security

2B Advice Prime has state-of-the-art security features and undergoes regular audits, including ISO 27001.

SINCE 2003

We are one of the providers with the longest experience on the market.


Our data protection expertise is transnational and we work internationally.

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