Secure marketing success without violating the GDPR.

Ailance CookieProof® - The cookie solution that works for you.

Developed by data protection experts to ensure you comply with the guidelines.
No time-consuming handling thanks to sophisticated automation.
Complete customization so that the banner integrates seamlessly into your website.
We have been providing our 4,500 customers with secure and efficient data protection management for over 20 years
Simple & secure cookie management

Say goodbye to the following with Ailance CookieProof

Complex applications that require a high level of specialist knowledge
High manual effort for integration and adjustments
High costs that rise with increasing traffic
Concerns as to whether the tool actually fulfills the regulations

The most important features to guarantee your GDPR-compliant marketing success

Automated cookie scans
CookieProof® automatically recognizes which cookies you use. Existing cookie descriptions from our cookie database ensure that you do not have to create them yourself.
Automatic creation of the cookie policy

With automatic creation, we ensure that you act in compliance with the law. The automatic update saves you additional manual effort.

Generator for your privacy policy

No more risk with data protection declarations from the Internet. Use templates from our data protection experts or add your own.

Better user experience

Unlike other tools, CookieProof does not block your website for your prospects. Your website can therefore also be used without making a selection. This optimizes accessibility and creates a better user experience.

Complete customization

The cookie banner can be customized in shape and color. This allows you to create a white label cookie banner that seamlessly adapts to your website.

Simple management of multiple websites

Manage all cookie policies in one place. Customize your policy text in the application and it will be automatically transferred to the website.

International application

CookieProof® takes various regional regulations into account, which you can activate with a click. This means you always act in compliance with the law. Whether in the EU or the USA.

Dashboard & Reporting

With automatic reporting and your dashboard, you can keep an eye on relevant key figures at all times.

Support from lawyers

You are also not left alone during use. Interactive user guides and our personal support (48-hour response time) make it easy for you to use.

Data protection & marketing success hand in hand.

Arrange a no-obligation demo call and experience CookieProof® live.

Your advantages with CookieProof®

Secure compliance with GDPR

Unfortunately, not all solutions that claim to be compliant are. We give you the certainty that CookieProof only sets cookies if the visitor explicitly agrees. This protects you from violations and the associated penalties.

Building trust with interested parties

With a cookie banner that is legally compliant and aesthetically fits your website perfectly. With optimized templates, you can obtain more consent without violating guidelines.

Compliant without extra effort

CookieProof® is designed to work largely automatically. This saves you manual effort and allows you to easily manage different websites across countries if required.

The cookie banner for your marketing success and data protection compliance

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