Integrated Risk
Management Made Easy

With the Ailance™ platform, you can flexibly combine and network solutions in data protection, compliance and risk management and achieve new quality standards with smart AI features.
Standard software that can be adapted to your company's requirements in no time at all. Via drag & drop.
Intuitive interface, templates and smart automation reduce your manual workload.
Up to 50% lower costs compared to other software by paying on the basis of solutions used.

Over 4,500 companies rely on solutions from 2B Advice

New standards in Integrated Risk
Management thanks to Ailance™


Increase compliance, minimize risks

Ailance™ makes it easier for you to keep pace with new legal regulations and anticipate risks effectively. Ailance™ guides you through important regulations with templates, for example, and helps you to react quickly to changes.


Networking for greater efficiency and safety

With Ailance™, you create a clear single point of truth for your data protection, compliance and risk management. The individual solutions exchange data with each other so that you can quickly identify interdependencies. The central overview also enables standardized processes.


The software that adapts to you

... And not the other way around. Ailance™ is standard software that can be adapted to your requirements and processes using drag & drop. The customizations are retained even with updates.

Over the last 20 years, we have supported more than 4,500 clients in data protection & compliance.

We have repeatedly encountered 4 problems with previous software solutions

Rigid system structures

Previous standard solutions hardly allow any customization to company-specific processes and new changes. The only way out so far has been expensive customizations that have to be reinstalled with every update.

Minor time savings

Despite software, many companies struggle with confusing structures, non-digitalized processes and high administrative costs. Unclear user interfaces lead to high training costs and problems when non-experts have to operate the software.

Isolated solutions jeopardize compliance and increase costs

Many companies use different tools for data protection, compliance and risk management. The tools are not linked to each other, resulting in different data, processes and duplication of work.

High software costs

Companies rarely use all the functions of comprehensive solutions. This results in costs that offer no added value. At the same time, they are faced with expensive license models with increasingly rising prices.
Based on our well-known data protection management software 2B Advice PrIME®, we have developed Ailance™ with our customers to address the problems and wishes of the integrated risk management market.
The integrated risk management platform that inspires companies with more security and users with more simplicity.
This is Ailance™

Ailance™ is an innovative platform that allows you to easily control your entire Integrated Risk Management.

    • You can also customize SaaS solutions for data protection, compliance and risk management to suit your needs.
    • The individual solutions can be adapted to your needs, expanded and linked together without programming.
    • Thanks to the modular structure, you only pay for the solutions and functions that you need and use.
One platform. Unlimited possibilities for secure and efficient integrated risk management.

Leading research and consulting companies recognize our solutions as future-oriented

We are proud to have been named by Gartner as a Sample Vendor in the 2022 Hype Cycles for Privacy Impact Assessment, Cyber Risk Management, Data Security and Legal and Compliance Technologies. This recognition confirms our position as a leading provider of innovative solutions in the field of data protection and risk management.
Everything you need for efficient and secure IRM

Simplified collaboration

Individual role and authorization concept

Use existing roles or create your own with individual authorizations to make collaboration easier and more secure. You can also adapt the user interface to roles so that non-specialist departments are guided through your processes in a targeted manner with more information.

With tasks, you can send activities directly to the person responsible, even automatically, and track the processing.
Multi-client capable and internationally applicable

Ailance™ makes it possible and easier for you to manage different clients or companies. Even across national borders. Ailance™ always takes the latest legal regulations into account.

Get more done in less time


Automate recurring tasks to have more time for more important tasks. Quite simply, without coding.

In all Ailance™ Solutions you will find templates to help you get started quickly and act in compliance with the law. If required, you can also customize them using drag & drop.
Ailance AI

We are already launching the first Ailance™ AI features this year. Ailance™ AI is your reliable integrated risk management partner that has your back when it comes to everyday tasks. From checking processing data carriers to automatic anonymization and answering questions to improve your data protection.

Your smooth start with Ailance™

Integration & Migration

Connectors allow Ailance™ to integrate seamlessly into your existing IT landscape. Link the platform with your other systems to exchange data and retrieve it in real time. We can also efficiently solve the migration from your old system.
User Guide & Knowledge Base

Animated user guides lead you through the Ailance™ Solutions so that you can find your way around in no time. You will find everything you need to know in the Knowledge Base. Our support team will be happy to help you with individual questions.
Intuitive user interface

Ailance™ is based on state-of-the-art web technology and is characterized by its modern user interface, which even non-experts can find their way around in no time at all.

Increase the quality of your IRM

Linking data protection, compliance and risk management

With Ailance™, you can map your entire integrated risk management on one platform or simply link individual solutions with other systems.
Dashboard & Reporting

With the help of a clear dashboard, you always have relevant data in view and a single point of truth. Widgets allow you to adapt the dashboard to your requirements. Reports can be created in different formats with just a few clicks.
Individual customization

Ailance™ is the first standard software that fully adapts to your requirements. Map your individual processes and requirements, simply by drag & drop. The customizations are retained even with updates.

Up to 50% lower software costs with Ailance™

With the innovative pay-per-use model, with Ailance™ Solutions you only pay for the services that you actually need and use. Put an end to packages that don't actually fit your requirements and goals. See for yourself - on our pricing page you will find all the information you need as well as easy-to-understand sample calculations explained transparently.

Questions & Answers

Do you have any further questions or would you like individual advice?

Please feel free to contact us. One of our employees will get back to you within 48 hours.

Integrated Risk Management Made Easy. Thanks to Ailance™.

The first IRM platform that adapts 100% to your business requirements via drag & drop and makes your day-to-day work easier.

Arrange a free initial consultation and let us advise you on your options with Ailance. We will also support you in selecting the right solutions for you.

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