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In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and fast-paced...

Do companies need a strong answer!

The rapid digital transformation and globalization bring new risks and increased vulnerability to geopolitical, economic and environmental challenges every day.

But that's not all: there are also stricter regulations, for example in data protection, and increasing compliance requirements. 

Your customers, business partners, stakeholders and employees expect robust, integrated risk management that promotes long-term stability and creates trust.

For you, the question is: How do I navigate my company through this turbulent ocean that holds all kinds of risks?

Integrated risk management (IRM) is your comprehensive navigation system. It enables you to identify, assess and manage all potential risks. So that you can act proactively while risks are not yet problems - instead of only reacting in the event of a crisis.

Marcus Belke, Managing Director 2B Advice

The future starts today!

Strong together against risks - instead of being trapped in silo thinking

Integrated risk management (IRM) is a comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing, managing and monitoring risks within an organization. It integrates all risk management activities into a unified strategy that is aligned with the organization's strategic objectives. IRM promotes a holistic view of risk by incorporating different risk areas such as operational, financial, regulatory, technological and strategic risks. By using modern technologies such as data analysis and artificial intelligence, IRM enables proactive risk management.

Data protection - Compliance - Consent - Risk management - Governance

Your chance to take the first step towards Integrated Risk Management with 2B Advice Ailance™ Solutions.

Get to know our solutions in a free demo call and find out more about the individual benefits for you. 

Why Integrated Risk Management is 'The Next Big Thing'


Make better decisions

  • By summarizing and managing risk information from all areas of your company.


Avoid unpleasant surprises

  • Instead of focusing solely on complying with laws and designing emergency plans, Integrated Risk Management allows you to anticipate potential problems before they become a challenge.


Reduce costs thanks to increased efficiency

  • The integrated approach not only saves time, but also money. Optimize your processes, minimize redundancies and make your risk management more efficient than ever.


Increase confidence through greater resilience

  • With an integrated view, you increase your adaptability and optimize your crisis management. For a future in which you can focus confidently on opportunities.

"That all sounds understandable. But isn't it difficult to implement in practice if different specialists (e.g. data protection and compliance) work with one tool?"

When it comes to organizational and technical implementation, we combine the best of both worlds. 

With Ailance™, we offer a platform for the entire Integrated Risk Management, on which you can combine suitable solutions for different areas of IRM. This means that the data protection team has the right solution for individual requirements. And yet the relevant data is shared across different areas, creating a single point of truth with Ailance™.

Leave the silo mentality behind you

Joining forces and turning risks into opportunities

Complete overview

See through the company's entire risk landscape at a glance. With a constant overview, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure that no risks are overlooked. 

Better decisions

The improved overview of all risks enables you to effectively recognize interdependencies and effects and incorporate them into strategic and operational decisions.

Proactive instead of reactive

The aim of the Integrated Risk Management approach is to identify risks and reduce their impact and probability. Reduce the probability of critical crises and make more effective use of opportunities.

Realize efficiency benefits

The cross-departmental view eliminates redundant processes and leads to a better distribution of resources - and therefore to lower costs.

Strengthen compliance

The integrated view of your corporate risks from different perspectives ensures that your compliance and governance are even better.

More resilience

The integrated view of your risk management allows you to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and react more quickly to risks.

Are you ready to turn risks into opportunities?

Get to know our Ailance™ Solutions and take the first step towards your integrated future. 

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