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New Use Cases Covered By 2b Advice PrIME

New uses for 2B Advice Prime 2B Advice PrIME is pleased to announce several updates to its data protection management solution. These updates will help organizations stay on top of their privacy practices, manage processing activities and track changes and updates.

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Special delivery to Ukraine

Members of the 2B Advice team spend an afternoon preparing aid packages to be donated to Ukraine via free DHL shipping. We were made aware of a Deutsche Post campaign via LinkedIn. Free shipping to

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Draft adequacy decision has been published

A good German summary of the draft adequacy decision. The EU Commission has published the long-awaited draft adequacy decision for data transfers from the EU to the US after reviewing US law and practice, including Executive Order 14086

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10th Group User Meeting of 2B Advice was a complete success!

10th Group User Meeting of 2B Advice was a complete success! After an interruption due to the pandemic, 2B Advice hosted its first in-person group user meeting for the data protection management solution 2B Advice PrIME in three years on October 13, 2022. Data protection officers from medium-sized

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New EuroPriSe experts

2B Advice is pleased to announce that 15 experienced legal and technical data protection experts have recently been accredited as EuroPriSe experts. The experts have been thoroughly trained to best prepare applicants for EuroPriSe certification and to advise them during the certification process.

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Data protection for children

California protects children's online data from exploitation by companies. In California, a new privacy impact assessment must now determine how children's personal data is used by online services, products and features and the potential harm to children.

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