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Schrems II

Schrems II: Statement on international data transfer

What the new opinion of the CJEU AG means for international data transfers On Thursday, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) published his opinion on data transfers in the so-called "Schrems II" case. Why are international

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Sick notes Data protection

Data protection-compliant handling of sick notes

Employee Data Protection Act by R. Olschewski The handling of certificates of incapacity for work in companies poses particular challenges for companies and data protection officers due to the special sensitivity of the information. As the issuing body, i.e. the (specialist) doctor, is identifiable, it may be possible to draw conclusions about the

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Data protection Turkey

Data protection reporting deadlines in Turkey expire

Time's Up for Turkey In Turkey, intensive work is underway to implement the Turkish Data Protection Act, as companies above a certain size and turnover must register their data processing activities in the online registration system (VERBIS) by the end of September. The Turkish data protection supervisory authority

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Data protection scandal in Austria

Austrian Post ordered to pay damages after data scandal

Data protection scandal: law not observed Austrian Post was sentenced to pay damages due to unauthorized data processing. Following the data scandal uncovered by an Austrian investigative journal in January 2019, the first judgment has now been issued against Austrian Post. The regional court

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Facebook fans Responsibilities

No fans of fan pages - data protection authorities may prohibit operation

Responsibility for the operation of Facebook fan pages In a clarifying ruling, the Federal Administrative Court has further defined the responsibility for the operation of Facebook fan pages. The pending proceedings concerned an administrative act of the Independent State Center for Data Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) against the operator

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Google Recaptcha

Forbearance with Google reCAPTCHA

Data transmission for "I am not a robot" CAPTCHA is a variant of the Turing test to determine whether a visitor to a web application is a real person. The principle of CAPTCHA is to set the ideal task that is easy for humans to solve.

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Warning abuse soon to be smoke and mirrors?

New law on cease-and-desist letters New law from the German government is intended to protect companies from dubious cease-and-desist letters from "cease-and-desist teams" and thus also prevent the establishment of bogus companies set up solely for the purpose of issuing cease-and-desist letters. The Federal Minister of Justice, Katarina Barley (SPD), would like to strengthen the fair

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Fine E-mail distribution list

Email distribution list in CC instead of BCC leads to a fine

Data protection violations with email distribution lists by A. Navidy / J. Baeck If an open distribution list is used to send emails in a commercial environment, there is a risk that this will be considered a data protection violation by the supervisory authorities and subject to a fine.

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Ulrich Kelber

MP Kelber visits 2B Advice

Ulrich Kelber, Member of the Bundestag from Bonn, visits 2B Advice by S. Meissner Ulrich Kelber, Member of the Bundestag from Bonn and designated Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI), visited the headquarters of the 2B Advice Group at Bonner Bogen at the end of July. There

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