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Alexa and data protection

Does Alexa comply with data protection?

Data protection with Alexa Amazon: How safe are we? Alexa is Amazon's digital voice assistant whose software is integrated into dozens of smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Echo, Echo Dot). Alexa has a range of functionalities and skills, including the Smart

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Data protection in M&A transactions

Data protection in M&A transactions

Data protection in company sales Is data protection important in M&A transactions? Or is it "nice to have" and can be neglected in favor of "hard" business facts? These questions can be answered quickly. Legally compliant data protection is definitely a business factor. In the event of violations

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AWS and data protection with GDPR

Data protection at AWS

Are Amazon servers GDPR-compliant? Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. The dominant providers in this market are all based in the USA, including Amazon Web Services (AWS). If personal data is transferred from German and European companies to the USA, this requires

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Data security with cloud providers

Data protection and security with cloud providers

Data protection and security at cloud providers Cloud and data protection after "Schrems II"; do they still go together? Yes, if certain rules are observed, this is still possible. This article outlines exactly what needs to be considered in the area of "data protection cloud providers"

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Right to information

Right of access by the data subject

Control of personal data The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants data subjects a number of rights so that they can exercise control over the processing of their personal data and thus over their personal rights protected by fundamental rights. These rights

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Request for information

What are the tasks of a data protection officer?

What must a data protection officer (DPO) be able to do? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force a few years ago. As part of this law, many new regulations were introduced, including those requiring the appointment of a data protection officer (DPO) by the company.

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