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External data protection with 2B Advice

You are looking for an external data protection officer for your Münster-based company or your branch in Münster?

As one of the largest data protection service providers in the USA and Germany, we provide external data protection officers for Münster-based companies and companies in the Münster area.

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Costs for external data protection officers in Münster

The cost of a data protection officer depends on the size of the company. We offer our services to small, medium-sized and large companies in Münster and the surrounding area. For each company, we provide appropriate services that are reasonably priced.

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The following places and districts we serve our customers with courteous and diverse offers based on our partnership with Münster:

  • Ascheberg
  • Havixbeck
  • Send
  • Warendorf district
  • Steinfurt district
  • Altenberge
  • Greven
  • Sendenhorst
  • Everswinkel
  • Telgte
  • Drensteinfurt

Do you need a data protection officer near Münster, but your location is not listed here? No problem - our sales team is sure to find the right price solution for your company. Please contact us to find out how much an external data protection officer costs (as of [month] [yr])!

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Data Protection Officer - Prices

Münster is a service stronghold and has a dynamic, predominantly medium-sized economy. According to the business register, there are 14,041 companies of all sizes in the cathedral city. For these, we offer reasonable and attractive prices for the procurement of external data protection officers. Contact us today and find out how much it would cost you to hire an external data protection officer in Münster!

Prizes for smaller companies in Münster

By far the largest proportion of companies in Münster is made up of numerous small firms. They are based in a wide variety of sectors. According to the business register, the city of Münster has a total of 13,555 small and micro-enterprises (with up to 50 employees).

Prices for medium-sized companies in Münster The company

Münster is a distinctive university and science location with an international reputation. According to the city of Münster, nine universities and renowned research institutions are located here. Approximately 65,000 students (as of [month] [yr]) demonstrate the great potential for the economy in Münster - with its 406 medium-sized companies (50 to under 250 employees). Many of them stay in Münster after their studies.

Prices for large companies in Münster

Münster is also an attractive location for large companies. There are 80 companies in the city, each with more than 250 employees. Well-known industry giants such as LVM, Brillux and BASF Coatings have their headquarters here and institutions such as Deutsche Rentenversicherung are represented in the city. Many of these Münster-based companies are already our clients. Ask us what experience we have and what we can provide you with a quote for!

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