ThinkTank is just around the corner: What to expect soon in 2B Advice Ailance

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We are pleased to introduce you to the latest features and enhancements in 2B Advice Ailance designed to improve your work and increase your productivity. Take a look with us at ThinkTank, among other things - in our new content solution you will soon find all the information you need for your daily work.

Multilingual support

There's great news! 2B Advice Ailance will soon support multiple languages, so you can easily switch to your preferred language. With the new translation configurations, managing languages and translations in your organization will be a breeze.

We also integrate automatic AI translations to make the process even smoother.

Cognitive search

You will soon be able to experience a more intelligent way of searching with the cognitive search in 2B Advice Ailance. This improvement goes beyond the simple search for primary values and enables comprehensive data discovery in extensive data sets.


Get ready for ThinkTank, the ultimate content solution that simplifies access to key legal information for businesses and helps you navigate complex legal contexts with confidence. ThinkTank offers, among other things:

  • Article: Detailed insights into legal topics such as data protection and compliance
  • QAs (questions and answers): Concise answers to complex legal questions.
  • Checklists: Instructions for complying with legal regulations and preparing for legal issues.
  • Authorities: Detailed profiles of regulatory authorities, including their duties, responsibilities and fines.
  • Framework conditions: Structured descriptions of laws and regulations for compliance management.
  • Fines: Information on fines imposed by the authorities. Including specific cases to provide insight into the authorities' practices.
  • Retention periods: Guidelines on data retention laws in various jurisdictions.
  • Glossary: Definitions of legal terms in connection with certain framework conditions.

All content in ThinkTank is country-specific to ensure relevance and compliance with local laws.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and improvements coming soon from 2B Advice Ailance. We deliver innovative solutions that simplify your workflow and strengthen your business. 

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