Data theft at Dell: 49 million customers affected

49 million customer data were stolen from Dell.

There has apparently been a massive data theft at computer manufacturer Dell. Which customer data is affected.

Massive data theft at Dell

Dell has been informing affected customers about the theft of their data since the beginning of May. The email states that "a database with limited types of customer data relating to purchases from Dell" was affected. Dell has so far refused to disclose the specific portal involved. Nor how exactly the incident occurred. "We believe that given the nature of the data, there is no significant risk to our customers," Dell explained in the customer letter.

At least Dell informs its customers about the specific data that was stolen: Name, address, Dell hardware and order information, including a "service tag". According to Dell, item descriptions, order data and warranty information were also accessible. Financial and payment information, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or other "highly sensitive customer data" were not included, according to the IT portal Heise, quoting from the e-mail.

Nevertheless, Dell is warning affected customers: They should remain vigilant and not fall for false telephone support. Suspicious activities or purchases from Dell should be reported immediately by sending an email to

Dell data offered for sale on the darknet

With the email to customers, Dell seems to want to limit the damage caused. This is because most of Dell's information has been available on the darknet since April 28, 2024. A certain "Menelik" posted a forum entry there and claimed to be in possession of the data. His information largely matches that which Dell sent to its customers. According to him, it concerns 49 million customer data records created between 2017 and 2024. The data is for sale.

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