Using artificial intelligence in compliance with data protection regulations


Guidance published by the Data Protection Conference

The Data Protection Conference has published guidance for companies and authorities on the data protection requirements for the selection and use of AI applications.

The guidance document "Artificial intelligence and data protection" serves as a guide and checklist for data protection officers in companies and public authorities and is continuously adapted to new developments.

In a practical manner and using examples, the guidance addresses questions that data controllers must ask and answer, in particular

  • at the Selection of AI applications
  • at the Implementation of AI applications
  • and the Utilization of AI applications

One focus is on Large Language Models (LLM), which are often used as the basis for chatbots and other technologies. However, the guidance is intended to cover a broad spectrum of AI technologies and provide relevant data protection considerations for their use.

The guide deals with key aspects of data protection law such as purpose, transparency obligations, data subject rights, accuracy of results and provides guidelines for decisions.

However, it is also important for developers, manufacturers and providers of AI systems, as the information it contains on selecting data protection-compliant AI applications can have an impact on the design of the products.

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