New Use Cases Covered By 2b Advice PrIME


New Use Cases Covered By 2b Advice PrIME

2B Advice PrIME is pleased to announce several updates to its data protection management solution. These updates will help organizations stay on top of their privacy practices, manage processing activities and track changes and updates.

E-mail notification after the target date of a measure:

Users can now configure individual email notifications for actions that have a target date. Once the target date has passed, email notifications are automatically sent to executing users. This helps to ensure that all actions are completed on time.

Reusable processing tests, TOMs and risk assessments:

The new functionality allows users to view data from the original processing in the reused processing and list tests, TOMs and risk assessments on the "Risks" tab. This simplifies the management of relevant information and assessments of processing activities.

Processing version:

The new processing versioning makes it even easier to document changes. Each new version of a processing operation is now given a higher version number. Companies can also overwrite the version number manually if necessary.

Change in the allocation of measures: 

This new functionality allows administrators to transfer responsibility for actions to other users, providing additional flexibility in urgent cases.

Blocking the previous version of processing from a workflow:

The workflow can be set up so that the previous version is automatically locked when a subsequent version of a processing operation is documented. This ensures that all changes to a process are recorded in the current version.

Navigation between "next" and "previous" versions of processes: 

Users can now navigate directly between different versions of a procedure, making it easier to monitor and manage documentation.

Copy user authorizations:

This new use case provides organizations with a simple solution to quickly configure permissions for new users.

Deactivate system languages: Administrators can now ensure that only desired languages are available in the user interface and in translations.

Time fields with UTC specifications:

Time specifications in saved data are now displayed as UTC specifications, ensuring accuracy and consistency for users from different time zones.

Information on frameworks and countries of other parties involved in online procedures: The frameworks and countries of other parties involved are now automatically displayed in the "Transfer abroad" section, making it easier for users to obtain relevant information.

Direct access to the current measure from online procedures in the Personal Privacy Portal (PPP):

The new "Current task" function allows users to switch directly from an online procedure to the corresponding task (action) in the Personal Privacy Portal (PPP), which simplifies access to ongoing procedures and tasks.

MS SQL Server 2019 Delivery:

2B Advice PrIME now comes with MS SQL Server 2019, providing users with a version of MS SQL Server that will be supported by Microsoft for a long time.

Connection to Microsoft Exchange Server via MS Graph API:

2B Advice PrIME can now receive and send emails via the Microsoft Exchange Server using the MS Graph API. This provides users with an additional connection option.

Settings of the cookie consent tool:

2B Advice PrIME's cookie expiration settings allow you to configure the expiration time for cookies stored during a visit to your website. These settings allow you to display a cookie statement to users that they must accept or decline. The user's consent is stored in a _2BCookieSettings cookie. The cookie expiration time can be configured separately for the case that all cookie categories are accepted and for the case that the user does not accept all cookie categories. A typical use case for the expiration time settings of the _2BCookieSettings cookie is that a website operator wants to give its visitors the choice of which cookies they want to accept. This can be achieved using a cookie banner displayed on each visit to the website. If a user accepts certain or all cookie categories, their selection is stored in a _2BCookieSettings cookie. The expiration time of the cookie can be configured by the website operator in the cookie declaration and can, for example, be longer if the user accepts all cookies than if they do not.

These updates to 2B Advice PrIME's data protection management solution provide organizations and DPOs with even greater control and flexibility in managing their data protection measures and processing activities.

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