Automation of GDPR and CCPA compliance


New software release for GDPR data protection

2B Advice, global provider of technology-enabled compliance and risk management services, announces the release of the latest version of our 2B Advice PrIME data privacy compliance and management software - version 7.0. This version is packed with even more great features to support GDPR compliance.

2B Advice PrIME is a user-friendly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with everyday ease of use, performance and functionality that enables management of policies, processing activities, internal and external assessments, data type tracking, reporting, compliance, employee training and risk mitigation at the touch of a button.


2B Advice PrIME's technology is simple enough to manage the data protection obligations of a small business, yet powerful enough to deploy in a global enterprise.

2B Advice PrIME 7.0 provides the flexibility for legal, marketing, security, compliance, privacy officers and other users and teams to manage a growing number of privacy regulations worldwide.

This full-featured version includes many new features to make it easier to manage privacy programs and support a culture of privacy in your organization.

Existing skills include:

  • DPIA / PIA / Impact and risk assessment
  • Data protection program Benchmarking
  • Data inventory & mapping
  • Processing of activity management & reporting
  • Data protection compliance check
  • Templates, wizards and catalogs
  • Management of inquiries on the topic
  • Integrated web-based training platform
  • Integrated online communication
  • Personal dashboard
  • Multilingual
  • Planning and reporting


New capabilities in version 7.0 include marketing data protection software management along with new automation and integration features.

Marketing compliance management enables marketers to achieve GDPR and CCPA compliance

Marketing and website managers will love how quick and easy it is to generate privacy and cookie policies.


Website analyzer

With the help of the 2B Advice PrIME Website Analyzers URLS are scanned and all existing cookies are compared with our database.


Cookie policy generator

2B Advice PrIME automatically generates and publishes a Cookie policywhich is based on the cookies used.


Privacy Policy Generator

Save time and money. Quick and easy compliant Data protection declarations with appropriate legal language and accuracy.


Consent Manager

Manage the legally required opt-in/opt-out functionality and the associated attributes with the 2B Advice PrIME Consent Manager.


Application forms on the subject of data

Ensuring a timely and complete response to the Requests from the persons concerned with a robust ticketing and countdown process.

Additional automation and integration to make GDPR and CCPA compliance seamless

Automate your GDPR and CCPA compliance with the latest data protection software from 2B Advice


Automated workflows

Use Workflows for frequently occurring data protection events. The extended workflow functions include multi-stage workflows and automation.


Plausibility check

When editing online activities, you can now automatically create a Plausibility check can be performed. An automatic validation is performed when a processing activity is saved, highlighting if a respondent may have missed something.


2B Consulting PrIME portal

Select, share and save You share templates, training courses, catalogs and reports with colleagues, decision-makers and third parties.


Web services and REST API

2B Advice PrIME REST API has a complete set of functionalities for synchronizing data between 2B Advice PrIME and other systems, including Tag Manager, CRM, ERP and more.



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