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Data protection training

Which data protection training courses are worthwhile?

from D. Zier

Data protection training is required by law. It is one of the core tasks of data protection officers and is the most effective protection against data protection breaches. Despite this, 22 percent of companies only train their employees once when they are hired. 42 percent of employees at German companies are trained less frequently than once a year, and only four percent are actually trained once a year.

  • How can that be?
  • Are we saving at the wrong end here?
  • What are the possible solutions to this dilemma?

A look at the type of implementation offers an initial approach here. 47 percent of data protection officers carry out internal data protection training, while five percent work with external providers. 26% of employees are trained through self-study. So far, only 22% of data protection officers have opted for the cost-effective method of online training.

Why only 22 percent? After all, with online training, you only have to create a training course once. You then roll it out cost-effectively to every employee with an e-mail address.

Which method offers better value for money?

The data protection management solution 2B Advice PriME offers you the opportunity to create your own training and awareness programme for your organization.

With 2B Advice PrIME, you can design all training courses in your corporate design, monitor and evaluate their implementation and generate performance reports. You can integrate graphics, videos and audio tracks to break up the material. A pre-installed training course shows how the phantom, our synonym for the data thief, strikes in everyday situations.

The phantom collects and steals personal data, passwords, identities, company secrets and much more. It endangers the existence of people and companies. In doing so, it exploits our weaknesses and acts in a manner typical of a phantom: invisible, fast, from ambush and hard to catch. But we are not defenceless.

With a few simple rules, we can put the phantom in its place. Six short films, integrated into an online training course and each with a soundtrack, make your employees aware of the simple rules that can be used to stop the phantom. Pre-installed instructions also provide you with the knowledge to quickly develop your own training courses.

It makes no difference how large your organization is. With 2B Advice PrIME you can reach ten or 10,000 employees just as quickly and easily. The web-based training tool offers the option of starting, interrupting or continuing training at any time and any place. Just as it is most convenient for the user.

You need the fee-based service package to carry out online training. For the free single-user license, this costs just € 220 per year. When will you create your first online training course with 2B Advice PrIME?

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