SAP receives EuroPriSe data protection seal of approval

SAP EuroPrise

European Privacy Seal Data protection seal of approval

from R. Olschewski

SAP takes data protection seriously and offers users a software tool to anonymize the data used in non-production systems and thus protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. SAP AG has now had the functionality of the TDMS - Test Data Migration Server 4.0 software certified and received the EuroPriSe seal of approval from the State Center for Data Protection.

Europrise (European Privacy Seal) is the official European data protection seal of approval. It was initiated by the EU Commission and is awarded by a consortium of European organizations and companies under the leadership of the Independent Centre for Data Protection (ULD) Schleswig-Holstein. It certifies that information technology products and IT services comply with European law.

The certified extension software for SAP systems offers the functionality of reducing the amount of data to the bare minimum. Real data can be falsified (scrambled) without losing the consistency of the data. The software also has functions for anonymizing and pseudonymizing data.

Data protection officers and companies should examine the possibility of using this software if data from SAP systems from the SAP product lines "Business Suite", "Industry Solutions" and "SAP NetWeaverBW" is to be made available for tests, quality assurance or training. Typically, this is personnel data as used in the SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) module or customer data as used in the CRM, BI or ERP modules. These data types can then be falsified, anonymized or pseudonymized by the software using selectable criteria.

The three-part software consists of a plug-in on the sending system, a server consisting of a central system and control system and a plug-in on the receiving system. TDMS scrambles the data on the sending system, then pulls the scrambled data from the sending system (productive system) to a central system and can then pass it on to a receiving system. The user can define the rules for scrambling, whether data values are randomly changed, permanently assigned or deleted, as well as different alienation strategies for individual data fields. The software can be installed as an extension to an existing SAP basis system.

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