Group data protection user meeting

Group data protection user meeting

2B Advice hosted the first user meeting on corporate data protection at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center in Cologne.

With a view of the Rhine and the new crane buildings, Managing Director and lawyer Marcus Belke moderated the one-day workshop in this interesting location.

The participants from the corporate groups were able to find out first-hand about the status of cloud technologies. The Chief Security Advisor of Microsoft Germany, Michael Kranewetter, explained the cloud and Azure technologies from the technical and provider side, while 2B Advice consultant Marco Schröder, lawyer, scrutinized the interplay between cloud and data protection law.

However, the core of the meeting was to explain the new functions of the 2B Secure 4.0 version, particularly for use in corporate groups, and to work out the further development of the powerful application with the participants from the corporate groups. This was rounded off by the experience report from the data protection officer of Microsoft Germany, Dominik Stockem.

The participants were able to discuss new features for 2B Secure and set priorities for the next version. It was interesting to see how differently 2B Secure is used in the companies. Following the very positive feedback from the participants, the next user meeting will again take place in an interesting location and present best practice examples and discuss current data protection issues.

In addition to the user meetings, 2B Advice now offers a platform that allows participants from the groups to exchange information between meetings.

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